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Our Works
Smart AG

Using the best of technology and research+development to bring the food close to your doorstep.

Kubu Smart Lock

Simple and yet smart enough locking system designed to take care of your anxiety of leaving the door unlocked.


A simple toy brings parents closer to their child.

Hydrate Mate

Electronic gauge for the hydration bladders, helping the Runner, hikers, cyclist, mountaineers stay informed on water availability and consumption.

Mass Flow Meter

A future-ready, accurate, compact, and cost-effective mass flow computing solution.


An intelligent multipurpose dust and fumes extraction system, saves the energy costs in excess of 40%

Weld Control Analyzer

A complete reengineering of the signal processing approach by replacing hardware controls with software.

Universal Timer Controller

The system designed to have a high level of immunity to electrical noise which can cause other timer switches to malfunction.

Battery Analyzer

A well-defined and engineered solution to tackle the issue relating to warranty management of the products.

Auto Electrical Test Bench

The system was designed to ensure the testing of higher capacity alternators, is loaded with features like safety, overload protection, and touch screen interfaces.

Non-Contact Level Monitoring Device

The device is designed to with the  interfaces such as RF, Wi-Fi, Ethernet and GPRS for the connectivity to cloud

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